The React Campaign: 1. Bootstrapping

von Patrick Bédat, 20. November 2017

After diving into React while programming a simple RSVP app for our wedding, my plans to introduce React into our company frontend stack are gaining momentum. Another reason is the fact, that we are stuck in AngularJS 1.4, because we can’t upgrade to the current version (breaking changes) due to a tight schedule. Upgrading to Angular >= 2 is not an option. (I want to spare you my ramblings – so here’s a biased but inspirational post).

To make React more approachable I decided to create an example repository. The problem with most examples is… Webpack, which is as powerful as it is complicated. So I setup a bootstrap example with just npm, jspm and the typescript compiler:

Just fire it up:
git clone && cd ixts-react/1_react-minimal-setup && npm install && npm run serve
(you will need have nodejs and git installed)

From there you can try the app (http://localhost:8080) and play with the code (it will be recompiled automatically).
Thats all for now, but I will be back with some mind blowing React sugar very soon. So stay tuned!